We Are Skittles (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

by Patsy Whyte and John Donaldson

Writing is one side of me. Music is another side.

The music video below is of the track "We Are Skittles (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)", co-written by my long-time partner Patsy Whyte and myself. She also sings the song.

Ultimately, the song is a tribute to soldiers everywhere although most of the clips in the video centre principally on WW1 and WW2. But it also acknowledges more recent wars, too, for example, the Vietnam War and the Falklands War.

There are also snippets of the Korean War, the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the conflict in Northern Ireland, which is so often forgotten. The music video also honours all the veterans who made it back home, many returning with life-long physical and mental injuries.

The veterans must never - NEVER - be forgotten. Sadly, they often are.

I won't tell you to enjoy the video. How can you? Just reflect for a moment or two on what you hear and see. That's all we ask. You might even want to consider buying it, too. If you do, then many, many thanks, in advance.

The track is available for download at Bandcamp and at most major stores, and. priced at around £1.00 ($1.52), represents good value for money. At least we think so! Thank you.


  1. Hauntingly beautiful song and video

    1. Hi Doreen, Many, many thanks for your extremely kind words. As a veteran myself, it means so much. Thank you.


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