Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Marketing Music Is A Whole Different Ballgame!

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Not written anything for a day or two which is rather frustrating. The reason is marketing, at least my ham-fisted attempts at it. The target of my marketing efforts is, of course, We Are Skittles - and you can read all about the song and watch the YouTube video by clicking the page above or by going here.

I'm not a complete stranger to marketing's dark arts. In fact, up until now, I had thought I was rather good at it having pushed the sales of my partner's memoir, No Easy Road, from a few local sales to something around 100,000 sales on Amazon's Kindle platform.

But marketing music is a whole different ballgame. It's much harder simply because there's so much more competition out there and, to really make inroads, you've got to spend a little cash. In fact, the more you spend the easier it becomes, assuming the product is good enough in the first place.

Research is vital

One of the biggest problems any would-be marketer has to overcome, no matter whether it's a song or a book, is separating the wheat from the chaff, particularly if you intend turning to all things online, which is what most people do nowadays.

There is literally a plethora of websites all claiming to provide all manner of opportunities - for a price, of course. You could easily end up spending a fortune and still be little further forward. That's where doing a fair bit of research, prior to parting with any money, becomes ever-more vital, especially if the budget is a little bit on the low side to begin with.

I think I've stumbled on a pretty good website where, for a few dollars or so, you can get your song in front of music-industry specialists who'll take a listen and give you a fair and accurate review. The website, New York-based Music Xray, appears to be the real deal - at least that's my initial impression. But we'll see what happens over the next weeks and months.

Two points to finish with: I'm not a Music Xray affiliate; and, you've guessed it, I'll keep you all posted over any developments!

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